My tips for staying positive | A Hint of Rose: My tips for staying positive


My tips for staying positive

My tips for staying positive and motivated | A Hint of Rose My tips for staying positive and motivated | A Hint of Rose

It's so easy to fall into negativity because it's cold, it's rainy, or because Winter is not over yet... Especially at this time of the year in Quebec, Winter is not completely over yet, and Spring is not completely here yet... Staying positive and motivated takes a lot of efforts and consistency, but I think the results are worth the efforts! So today, I wanted to share with you some things that I'm trying to implement in my daily routine to be more positive. It has been several months since I started working on my positivity and I saw a huge difference, so hopefully these tips will inspire you too.


I already talked about it in my resolutions for the year, I try to write a few things I'm grateful for every morning. Sometimes they are different, sometimes I just write the same ones , but it really allows me to remember how lucky I am.


It seems pretty obvious, but a lot of people don't have a purpose in life, or at least they don't know what their purpose is. When we don't know why we get up in the morning, there is no reason to be positive and motivated. Having a purpose in life, it pushes us to  move, to grow, to learn, and to be happy.


We naturally see the glass half empty, because it's so much easier to see the negative rather than the positive... But if everyone decided to see the glass half full, the world would be so different in my opinion. If you fail somewhere, don't see it as a failure, instead of asking yourself what did I do wrong, ask yourself what can I do better next time to be better and not fail anymore. Ultimately, it's the same question, but with a different perspective, a different vision. Consider failure as an opportunity to improve, to grow and to get better.


Have you noticed how our behaviour may change depending on the people we're with? When we are around negative people we tend to be more negative, and when we are surrounded by positive people we tend to be more positive. So, why waste energy and time with people that are negative all the time, never motivated for anything, who pulls you down, or even worse who denigrate you or don't respect you? Instead, surround yourself with positive people who always wish the best for you, who help you to grow and who encourage and support you. We don't want trash in our lives! The concept is the same for the rest of your environment, the book you read, the TV shows you watch, the YouTube video you watch, the food you give to your body, etc.


I briefly mentioned it in my video about my 5 healthy morning habits, every morning I visualize and say out loud statements that define the person I want to be. Among them, I'll say "I want to be happy", "I want to be healthy", "I want to be positive", etc. Affirmations can change from day to day depending on your mood, but personally, I always gravitate around the same ones. Affirmations are mantras for your day, and saying them out loud helps the brain to really understand them.

As I told you in the beginning, being positive is hard, it takes a lot of efforts and it takes constant efforts, but the results are worth the efforts.

I hope that my little tips will inspire you, and if you have some tips too, please share them in the comments section below, I would love to try them!


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