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Zero wate life | No Poo

Zero wate life | No Poo | A Hint of Rose Zero wate life | No Poo | A Hint of Rose

Imagine a moment not having to wash your hair anymore? The idea is quite scary, and tempting at the same time! I think : saving time, water and money! And also fewer chemicals in my life.
No Poo is a movement increasingly popular, and today I decided to share my experience with you.

In fact, No Poo doesn't mean not washing your hair anymore, but it means not using shampoo anymore. Just go take a look at the list of ingredients of your shampoo and you'll see that 1. the list is endless and 2. there is a LOT of unpronounceable chemicals in there. And those chemicals are often very bad for our health : carcinogens, hormone disruptors and so on, and we apply those products directly on our skull several times a week or even every day!

Personally, I'm not yet at the stage to not use any shampoo at all, but in the meantime, I use certified organic shampoo from the brand Devas (made locally in Percé, Québec) and I mix it with baking soda. This allows me to use less shampoo. Then I rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar and cold water. This routine can be scary for some, but honestly, it doesn't take a lot of time, and my hair is much shinier and softer, less flat and greasy, and I don't have dandruff problems anymore. Finally, I apply Shea butter on my ends to keep them hydrated.

Here are some benefits to significantly reduce the amount of shampoo you used.


You must already know that, cosmetics are expensive. We all have our own preferences, but for my part I used drugstore brands, so cheaper than hair salon brands, but it was still quite a budget when you buy a shampoo, a mask, a conditioner, a styling oil and a dry shampoo. Today, I buy a bottle of organic shampoo for about 8$ and it lasts me at least 3 to 4 months, a jar of baking soda for about 1$ and a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar for about 10$ and it lasts me for months (and I use it for many other things too). Finally, my organic and fair trade Shea butter jar costs me about 15$ and I use a tiny little bit at a time so it lasts a very long time. The calculation is done quickly, and my wallet is happy!


Again, this is a pretty obvious point, especially if you, like me, have long hair. Washing our hair can take a lot of time... and I was washing my hair every single day at some point. After a few months with this routine, I was able to wash my hair every other day, and now I wash it twice a week. My short term goal is to wash it only once a week, and my long term goal is to wash my hair with water, no more shampoo. Of course, it's a long process and you have to be patient, but I'm sure it will worth the effort.


Manufacture products requires natural resources, it takes the basic resources, energy and water, and the process rejects greenhouse gases into the environment and wastes into the landfill. If we want to be more sustainable, the first step is to reduce our consumption. If we take the example of petroleum  consumption, the first step would be to use less our car before deciding to change car for a "greener" one. Well, the concept is the same for all uses of resources and any waste. By reducing the amount of shampoo used to wash our hair, we reduce the amount of natural resources used (for making shampoo, but also for manufacturing of packaging and for transport) and we reduce our water consumption.


This point is really related to the previous one, because the concept is the same : when we reduce our consumption, we reduce our waste (packaging, toxic emissions, etc.). Another very effective way to reduce your waste is to buy in bulk. Unfortunately, it's not always possible depending on where you live, but if you have the opportunity do not hesitate, your wallet and the planet will thank you!


According to the David Suzuki Foundation, "US researches have identified 10,5000 industrial chemicals used as cosmetic ingredients, including carcinogens, pesticides, toxic elements for reproductive health, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers, degreasers and surfactants". So cosmetics manufacturers have the right to full our cosmetics of chemicals bad for our health, and they don't even have to tell us about them! Instead, we can read "fragrances", "conservatives", etc.

The real problem is that even if the chemical alone doesn't harm, our shampoo contains more than one of these chemicals and therefore, their effects accumulate. And every day we use many cosmetics, and their effect accumulate again. so all those small doses accumulate in our body, in addition to all the chemical particles found in the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, etc. And then, we reject them in the environment where they will continue to accumulate. And they will accumulate for a long time... (That's a lot of accumulation!) It's super important to limit our contact with products of this type, both for our health, the health of our children and the planet too!


As I mentioned earlier, I had some problems with my scalp and my hair. I used to color my hair a lot when I was younger, and I was also using my straightener a lot. Even if I spent a lot of money on products to keep them healthy and strong, my hair was always greasy at the roots and dry at the ends. I had to wash them more and more often, until I had to do it every day. At this point, I know that I had to do something, but I didn't know what... so I did some research and found the No Poo movement. Now, I use tea tree oil with my mixture of baking soda and organic shampoo, and honestly, I can see a real difference : I don't have dandruff anymore, my hair is much softer and shinier!


As I mentioned in my first video on minimalism, it's very important to me to consume more ethically. I already talked about the environmental aspects, but we don't have to forget about the social aspects too. When we use the raw product, we can select the origin of it according to our values. I personally attached great importance to organic and fair trade certifications and also it's important to me to not test products on animals. It takes more work than to go at the drugstore, but at least, I use products that are not bad for my health and the environment, and that are ok with my values.

I don't know how we came to have so many toxic chemicals in our cosmetics, but what I know is that this is our duty to pay attention and to show our values because we are the ones who pay. And if we show our values through our wallet, companies will change their production methods.

And you, have you tried alternatives to shampoo?


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