Simplify your life | The balance between work-money-life | A Hint of Rose: Simplify your life | The balance between work-money-life


Simplify your life | The balance between work-money-life

Simplify your life | The balance between work-money-life | A Hint of Rose Simplify your life | The balance between work-money-life | A Hint of Rose

I already talked about it in my latest videos on minimalism, today we always want more, we always want bigger, the American dream as they say. I remember when I was younger, I wanted to be successful, I wanted to have money, so I can have a big house and travel the world. When we are asked what we want to be when we'll be older, we are expected to be ambitious. I'm not against being ambitious of course, but being ambitious at all costs? No...

There are no rules to minimalism, but among all definitions we can find a unique goal: the desire to live a simpler life, a life away from the consumer society in which we live, a life when we finally have time to live our passions, with our loved ones, a life where we can finally concentrate on what is important. Minimalism goes well beyond simply sort through your material possessions. But the journey to minimalism often begins with that step, the first step of a journey towards a simpler and more balanced life. 

The problem with the consumer society is that it's a vicious circle: the more possessions we have, the more we want, the more we need money, the more we need to work, the more we are tempted to spend our money, and so on. And the more we work, the less time we spend with our family and friends, doing what we love. 

Remember that we only have 24 hours in a day, and we only have one life. On average, we spend 20 % of our lives working, which is a lot considering that we also spend a lot of time sleeping. Finding a healthy balance between work and the rest of our life can be really hard, but I think it's necessary. To find this balance, we must ask ourselves what is our purpose in life, and what are our values. Is it more important to work 10 more hours a week so we can earn more money or is it more important to spend those 10 hours with your children? Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting to work 10 more hours, maybe your goal is to buy your family's dream house, but you have to be honest with yourself and with your values. By asking yourself this question, you may realize that you work too much and that you are missing out your life. 

Remember that every person is different. Maybe you have a big family, maybe you have a small one, or maybe you are single. Maybe you like painting, skiing, weight training. Maybe you like white and black, maybe you prefer warmer colors. I know people who truly love their jobs and they don't count their hours because they don't even consider them like work, but I also know a lot of people who hate their jobs, and who spend a good amount of their free time complaining about their work (I myself went through there, not a long time ago). Each person is different and it's important to find a minimalist lifestyle based on your values, desires and passions. 

Now it's your turn, what do think about the actual rhythm of our lives?


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