My favorites | February | A Hint of Rose: My favorites | February


My favorites | February

My favorites | February | A Hint of Rose My favorites | February | A Hint of Rose

Hi my beautiful friends! This month was so rich in discovery and learning for me, so today, I wanted to share with you 5 of my favorite things this month. I'd love to hear your favorites as well, so feel free to leave a comment below after you read this post.


As you may have noticed, I am really into minimalism right now. When I start a project, I'm all into it, so I read a LOT about minimalism this month haha. Select a favorite post was extremely difficult, believe me! Minimalism is becoming trendy today, some think that minimalism is all about having a white clean house, others think that minimalists are marginals who got rid of all their possessions to live in a tiny house. These categories are extreme stereotypes, yes, and minimalism is much more than that! The post I selected, The Power of Daily Minimalism, presents five actions that you can take daily and that will help you to live a minimalist life, and thus find happiness, fulfilment and freedom.


My favorites | February | A Hint of Rose

I'm part of the sweet tooth gang. I love eating every food in general, but I would eat breakfast all the time if I could. This winter, I ate a lot of oatmeal! I know, oatmeal doesn't sound very sexy and "instagramable", but with a little bit of love you can transform this banal dish in a delicious and super nutritious meal!
The oatmeal that I buy is from the brand Artisan tradition and is organic. I eat it almost every morning, so it's very important for me to choose an organic one. It's not very expensive though, and if you buy it in bulk, it's even cheaper than the prepackaged bags full of sugar and preservatives.
I love to add a lot of fruits in it, and this winter I really loved kiwi, banana and blueberries. This combo is rich in fiber, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Sometimes, I also add chia seeds, goji berries and a bit of peanut butter. A good breakfast to start the day!


Last month, I decided to only use natural and organic products on my skin. When I was younger I had a lot of acne, so it's really important for me to take good care of my skin. Advertisements bombard us with informations, they want us to believe that the products they sell are good for our skin, but when you take the time to read the ingredients of those products, you realize that sometimes they are far from their mission! Big cosmetic brands are putting hormone disruptors, carcinogens and pesticides in products that we are applying on our skin! The David Suzuki Foundation has released a list of 12 ingredients to avoid. This post reinforced my decision to only choose organic beauty products now.

The product I wanted to present today is just a pure organic shea butter from the brand Kariderm.
Shea butter is extracted from the shea fruit, a tree from the West African savannah. Shea butter is known for being extremely hydrating and moisturizing, due to its high content of fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, plus it has a healing property and can be used to treat wounds, stretch marks and eczema. I use it mostly in the evening, but sometimes I apply it in the morning when it's very cold outside. I melt a tiny bit in the palm of my hand (you really don't need a lot, so it's quite an inexpensive product) and I apply it on my entire face and on my neck too. Sometimes, I also apply it on my hands, my elbows and my feet if I think they deserve a bit of love.

I really like this brand because not only they offer good quality products, but they do it by respecting their values:
- they don't test on animals;
- their production system is designed to generate as little waste as possible;
- they are certified fair trade by Ecocert Canada;
- they are certified organic by Ecocert Canada;
- they are involved directly with producers and pay 2.5 times higher than the standard price;
- they created the Kariderm Social Fund to improve the quality of life of workers and their families.


I discovered My Green Closet at the end of February, and I thought it would be very selfish to not talk about it. Verena Erin is a very inspiring woman, she mostly talks about fashion and beauty, but she only presents products that are fairtrade or sustainable (or both). She puts a lot of efforts into her videos, you can see that she does a lot of research and every time I watch one of her video, I learn a lot. I put one of my favorite video below.


As I told you in my post about my New Year's resolutions, I started to work out at least 25 minutes every morning. This gives me a lot of energy in the morning, and allows me to stay healthy and strong. So far, I have been very motivated, but I admit it sometimes I can be a bit bored, so I'm always looking for new videos to try.

This month I discovered  Boho Beautiful, a lifestyle, well-being and workout  youtube channel. I really like the energy that emerges from Juliana, a positive and encouraging energy. Here is one of my favorite videos, try it, I promise you it will burn!

And you, what are your favorites this month?Let me know in the comments section bellow, I would love to read them!


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