How to change your relationship with money | A Hint of Rose: How to change your relationship with money


How to change your relationship with money

How to change your relationship with money | A Hint of Rose How to change your relationship with money | A Hint of Rose

Minimalism is the art of living simply, the art of going against the current consumer society, the art to focus on experiences and not possessions.

Today, advertisements are everywhere, sending us messages to buy stuff that we don't need. Making money has become more important today than anything else because we always want to spend more. Going against this movement is difficult, but not impossible. So if you want to stop buying things you don't need or if you just want to save money to not be in debts anymore or to go travel somewhere, here are some tips that can help you.


Why do we always want more money? Find the answer to this question is not always easy, and sometimes we know it but we just don't want to admit it. This may be because you want to travel more, because you want to have more clothes, or a bigger house, or because you want to pay for your children's studies. There are a lot of reasons why you would like to have more money. The problem is that the more money you have, the more money you spend. Obviously, not everyone is the same, but the fact is that when you have more money, you are more tempted to spend money.

If you ask yourself this question, it will allow you to be honest with yourself. There is nothing wrong with spending money, but you have to be honest with yourself and with your values. If you want to live a simpler life, a more minimalist one, then you want to change your relationship with money, then you decide that money is not that important.

Yes, we need money. In our current society, we need money to have a shelter, to eat, to wear clothes, etc. But we don't need money to buy stuff we don't need! Money can't buy everything, and we can do a lot of stuff without money.


Minimalism, it's to focus on what's important and to forget about the rest. The idea of buying something you don't need goes against the concept of minimalism. So, what do you need? If you ask yourself this question every time you want to buy something, you'll realize that ultimately you need much less than what you thought.


We have to work to have money. So for example, if you want to buy a 15$ T-shirt, you might have to work 2 hours to pay for it, and this means that you'll have 2 hours less in your day to do something you love or to be with your family or your friends. By asking ourselves "does this T-shirt worth 15$ (2 hours) of my life?", "does this coffee worth 2$ (15 minutes) of my life?" or "does this camera worth 1500$ (100 hours) of my life?", we are asking ourselves if this T-shirt, or this coffee, or this camera have more values than our own freedom.


Having money is not a goal. Having a goal in life is what allows us to move forward, to work, to go out of our comfort zone, to grow. Having a purpose in life is what allows us to be happy. Money doesn't make people happy, there are a lot of examples of rich people who have fallen into addictions because they're not happy. Also, having a bigger paycheck at the end of the month won't make you love your job more. Of course, if you have money you'll feel more confident and secure because you'll know that you'll be able to pay your rent or your food, but as I told you earlier, when we really think about what we need, we realize that we don't need that much to be happy.


As I mentioned earlier, money is not a goal, it's a tool. By definition, money just allows us to make a transaction. Because of it, we are able to eat a lot of vegetables (because we don't have to make them growth ourselves) or to wear different clothes. We give money in exchange of a product or a service. That's all. So why do we give it so much importance? Why do we add stress into our lives to have more of it?

Unfortunately, money is one of the most common causes of stress, either because we don't have enough, or because we are killing ourselves at work to have more. But it shouldn't be the case, and by changing your relationship with money, by changing your spending habits, you open the door to a new world, where you can finally enjoy life.

So what do you think about our current relationship with money? Do you have any tips to change it? 


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