New Year's resolutions: it's time to re-asses | A Hint of Rose: New Year's resolutions: it's time to re-asses


New Year's resolutions: it's time to re-asses

New Year's resolutions: it's time to re-asses | A Hint of Rose New Year's resolutions: it's time to re-asses | A Hint of Rose

I already talked about my goals for 2016 in my post "Make the time for what you love", and today I wanted to do a mini reflexion on how was the first month of 2016, how I managed (or not) to work on these personal goals.


The first goal that I made was to write every day at least 5 gratitudes. I started the year extremely motivated precisely because I had already started writing these gratitudes every night and I continued throughout the month of January. Ok, some days I might have forgotten, but I think that I managed to incorporate this habit into my routine quite easily. Keep a gratitude journal next to my bed might be a good solution to encourage me more.


This goal is maybe the one that I didn't fully achieved... I admit it, I wasn't very consistent... So for February, I want to try something new called "morning pages". This is a concept that I discovered thanks to Aileen from Lavendaire (you have to check out her channel I really like her videos!). The idea is to write every morning everything that is in your mind until you write 3 pages (or 750 words). At the beginning, it might be difficult to express your feelings and your thoughts, but over time it will become easier. These pages will allow you to reflect on the previous day, on your goals in general, and on what you're going to do to achieve those goals. Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you would like me to do a video to tell you more about this concept.


Since early November, I'm hyper-motivated to work out and to eat healthier! I do a 30 to 45 minutes workout every morning and it gives me a LOT of energy for the day ahead. I could see the difference when I didn't train in the morning, my levels of energy and motivation were way lower. I'm really glad that I kept being motivated and now it's completely integrated into my morning routine. In terms of nutrition, I was really inspired by some Youtubers especially Jenny from Jenny Mustard. This girl has a wonderfully minimalist style, all her recipes look so simple and delicious, and they are also very nourishing! My gut is feeling so much better since I made those changes in my diet and I'm really motivated to discover new recipes. 


In January, I started meditation. At first, I wanted to meditate in the evening right before falling asleep. I thought it would help me to sleep better. I tried a few days and even if I didn't find the act of meditate so difficult, I struggled to keep doing it every night. I was afraid of morning meditation, but I decided to try since it didn't work very well at night. I get up 15 minutes earlier (which is the hardest part), I sit comfortably on the sofa with my blankets (because it's quite cold at 5:15 am), and I meditate. Frankly, I really like the fact that it makes me start the day on a positive and relaxing note.


The last resolution I made was to do a real cleanse in my life and in my possessions. I never had any problems to say goodbye to my stuff, but sometimes you just forget to do it and you accumulate. So I realized that I had a lot of work to do. I started with the easiest part, my clothes and my Facebook friends, but I didn't stop there and I cleared out my makeup and a lot of objects in our house too. I plan to do a video to share my method and some tips on my YouTube channel. Also, I started a new series on my channel named "Journey to minimalism", in which I will talk about my journey towards a simpler and more meaningful life.

In general, I'm pretty happy about this first month of 2016, and I'm sure that the rest of the year will be awesome!

And you, how was January?


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