My themes for 2016 | A Hint of Rose: My themes for 2016


My themes for 2016

My themes for 2016 | A Hint of Rose My themes for 2016 | A Hint of Rose

I recently watched a video of Lavendaire in which Aileen talks about her themes for the new year. A theme is a word or a few words, that will be your guide through the entire year. This might be something that you think is lacking in your life, or this might be something that you really want to develop during the year. I chose to follow the same concept as Aileen, and to choose 2 themes: one will be my macro-theme and one that will be my micro-theme. The first one will be like the big picture of my year, and the second one will be more for my daily life.


I admit that last year I didn't discover a lot. I was always tired because I didn't my job at the time, I couldn't find any motivation. Also, I was working on some week end, so when I wasn't working I wanted to do things I didn't have time during the week like cleaning and working on my blog. I know now that there were just excuses, but the fact is that even if we moved here almost 2 years ago, we didn't discover the place as much as we wanted. So in 2016, I really want to explore, discover new places, and enjoy the gorgeous nature that we have here in Gaspesie.

Also, I want 2016 to be the year of discovery in general, I want to discover new passions, I want to meet new people, I want to find new opportunities and get out of my comfort zone.


In today's society, we tend to automate our life. We face so many stresses during the day, we use to create routines to make our life easier. The problem is that we are not conscious of what we do and the day goes without noticing it. The other day I watched a very interesting video about philosophy. In this video, the guy said that it's very important to realize who you are and where you are right now, and to link it with who you want to be and what are your own values. If you want to be happy and have a meaningful life, you must eradicate the contradictions between the two. It's only at this point that you can work toward your purpose, and success will come by itself (regardless of what you define success).

This year, I really want to be conscious of what I do, what I want, what I don't want too. I want to be conscious of who I am and the person I want to be, and I want that this person to be in total agreement with my values. This macro-theme refers in particular to the new series on my Youtube channel "Journey to minimalism", and the resolutions that I mentioned in my "Make the time for what you love" and "New Year's resolutions: it's time to re-assess".

I hope that your year will be wonderful! And you, what are your themes for 2016?


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