Journey to minimalism | The need to slow down | A Hint of Rose: Journey to minimalism | The need to slow down


Journey to minimalism | The need to slow down

Journey to minimalism | The need to slow down | A Hint of Rose Journey to minimalism | The need to slow down | A Hint of Rose

Minimalism is the art of living a simpler and more meaningful life. I sincerely believe that there are 5 aspects of our lives that are fundamentally affected by the decisions we take daily. Those decisions will enable us to live a minimalist life. The general idea is to get rid of the superfluous and to focus on what's important.
In this video, I'm going to present these 5 aspects in a general way, then the next videos on my Youtube channel in the series "Journey to minimalism" will explain them in more details.


Between blogs, social media, different email addresses, Youtube videos, etc, it's often difficult to find a balance. Minimalism in your digital life is to find that balance between the time you spend online and the rest of your life.
For example, you can rethink the time you spend online every day, you can set that you won't go online before 9 am and after 8 pm, or you can sort out regularly.


The consequences of accumulation are multiple. Of course it creates an obvious mess but it also creates distractions for our mind and adds stress in our lives. You come back in the evening, tired because of your work, and you discover a messy house. Your mind is not fully relaxed because there is always a tiny voice in your head telling you that you should clean instead of watching TV, and then you go to bed frustrated because you realize that you should have listened this voice. If you sort out your possessions, not only you make space and you create a more airy and clean house, but you also have now more time and energy (because you spend less time cleaning and you have more time to relax and be happy), and in the long run, you will also save a lot of money (because you won't spend on unnecessary items).


As mentioned earlier, minimalism is the art of living a simple life. This goes far beyond just sort out your possessions and your inbox!
Minimalism, it's also to stop thinking about the superfluous, stop spending time and energy to do things that are not important or you don't like (like cleaning the house all the time). It's to be able to enjoy life, to have quality time to spend with your family and to have time for your own passions.

Happiness is not found in overtime and a high paycheck. Who do you think is the happiest: the guy who leads a simple life, who made choice to earn less money so he can win more time to spend with his family and to do what he loves, or the other guy who wins 3 times the salary of the first one and works 15 hours more a week, who is so exhausted after work that he doesn't want to play with his children and spend his days waiting impatiently for his 2 annual weeks of holidays in Cuba?


This aspect of our life is quite connected to the previous, but there is a difference between having time and enjoy the time spent. Some people have a lot of time to do what they love and to be with their loved ones, but they are not totally present (for example because they are thinking about their house they'll have to clean when they'll be back home).

The minimalism of the mind, it's to be aware of what you do, when you do it. It's to enjoy the moment present and stop thinking about what you should do later.

The minimalism of the mind, it's to accept yourself as you are. You are going to live every single day of your life with your body, so why waste energy to not love it?! It's also to accept others as they are, and to do things according to your own values. The minimalism of the mind, it's to enjoy what life has to offer and to be grateful for it.


We spend a lot of time at work, and in today's society, our work creates a lot of stress. Our schedules are filled with deadlines, meetings, calls, etc. And on our desk, we can find a huge accumulation of papers and documents. Under such conditions, it can be difficult to be 100% focused and productive, Yes, some people can be more productive if they have a straight deadline, but is their work really optimal? Minimalism at work is to better understand how you work, and then focus on it. It's to simplify your routine by removing distractions, in order to be more efficient and productive. 80% of our results are the product of only 20% of our work.

Remember that minimalism is not a destination, it's a journey. We learn every day a little bit more about simplicity and on ourselves, we grow, we evolve. Every aspect of our lives can be simplified by decisions we choose to take each and every day.


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