Journey to digital minimalism | A Hint of Rose: Journey to digital minimalism


Journey to digital minimalism

Journey to digital minimalism | A Hint of Rose Journey to digital minimalism | A Hint of Rose

Life is not just on the ground now. Today, our online presence is also extremely important. We have to manage several accounts on social media, several email addresses, etc. I admit it myself, I tend to spend too much time on my computer and on my phone.

Digital minimalism is to find a healthy balance between the time you spend online and on electronics, and the rest of your life.

There is a multitude of decisions that you can take daily to find this balance, and today I wanted to share some with you.


Yes, social media can be a great way to connect, to create a community, to promote your business, but don't forget that there is nothing better than real connections, real interactions with real people, without being disturbed by notifications...

Does your online presence prevents you from spending quality time with your loved ones, from being 100% focused and productive, from being in the moment? If so, it's time to make some changes! It's time to leave your "feed" and live your life!


Setting boundaries is a very good way to limit your time online. Each situation is different, for example, I'm a morning person. I like to get up early in the morning to have the time to take my time, I like to do my meditation, then a bit of yoga, then a few abs, then I like to go on a walk with my dog Darwin before starting my working day. But I noticed that I was losing a lot of time on my phone every morning, just by going through Facebook, Instagram and my emails... And if I didn't lose this time, I could go on a longer walk with Darwin, or do a few more abs. Same thing at night, I lost a lot of time in bed, scrolling down my Instagram feed, time that I could spend watching a show with my boyfriend...

All that to say that it's up to you to decide when you set your limits. You can, for example:
- Decide to not look at your phone before 9 am and after 8 pm.
- Remove all social media apps on your phone, so you will no longer be tempted to check them in bed.
- Decide to only go on social media 2 times in the morning and 2 times in the evening.
- Select a digital-free day in the week.
- Put your phone in airplane mode at night so you won't be awakened by notifications and text messages during the night.


A few weeks ago, I decided to unsubscribe from all newsletters. I realized that 80% of the emails I received were either advertisements or press releases that I didn't even read... On average, I received about 20 emails every day that went directly into the trash, if I was diligent to sort them out, or that accumulated in my inbox if I wasn't. So I decided to unsubscribe from all of them. Now if I need to buy something or if I want to see my stats, I can go directly, intentionally, on the website.


Have you ever noticed that it's now almost impossible to have a discussion with a friend without being interrupted by a notification? Every time someone likes your status, every time someone comments it, every time someone likes a photo you posted on Instagram, every time you receive an email, a notification appears on your phone, sometimes with a distracting light signal, sometimes with an even more distracting audio signal... Notifications are the queens of distraction! We find ourselves disturbed all the time, and these notifications are pushing us to go take another look at our feed...

Seriously, you don' really need to know every time someone likes your picture or retweet your tweet. Notifications turn us into social media slaves. If you turn off your notifications, you'll regain control of your online life because now you'll decide when you'll go on Facebook.


When I started writing my blog, I already had a Facebook account, a Twitter account and an Instagram account. I wanted to keep some privacy, so I decided to create new accounts for my blog. The thing is that I also have a second blog in French "Un Soupçon de Rose", so I also created accounts for this blog... I ended up with 3 Facebook accounts, 3 Twitter, 3 Pinterest, 1 Snapchat, and of course 2 blogs and 2 YouTube channels... Let me tell you, it's quite difficult to manage all those accounts!

A year has passed since, and I have noticed that some accounts were used more than others. I'm a visual person so Instagram is my favorite, I also have phases where I love Pinterest. I like Facebook because I find that it's a good way to communicate with my friends in France. Facebook is also a good way to build connections with other bloggers and to share my posts and videos on groups. But I have never been a fan of Twitter, I think it's very impersonal and my feed is always so cluttered. Yes, Twitter can be useful, especially if you participate at Twitter chats, but for me it didn't worth it. So I deleted my account. Same thing with Snapchat.

Choosing to promote a social media over another is not necessarily the sign that you are missing out opportunities. This means that you decided to spend more time with those you love. The content you'll post on these platforms will probably be better and more thoughtful. And don't forget, there are no rules, nobody said that you must have a Twitter account to have a successful blog!


Sorting out may seem easy at first, but sometimes we hold on to old emails, photos, apps that we could use later, etc. Sorting out at the digital level can be as difficult as sorting out your material possessions. The process is the same though, you only keep the necessary and you get rid of the rest.

Here are some areas where you can sort out:
- emails
- apps / software
- old documents
- office icons
- photos
- movies / music
- social media friends and relations
- groups you follow
- cookies
- bookmarks

You'll see, you'll feel much lighter at the end, and find a document will be much easier and faster.

By establishing strict but effective rules and boundaries, you'll be able to truly enjoy the benefits of the online world, while living an exciting and meaningful life, surrounded by people you love. Creating boundaries doesn't mean that you delete your online life, it means fewer distractions and more intentions.

The current society conditions us to always want more, to do more, to earn more, to create more; going against this movement to live a minimalist life isn't easy. Don't worry, focusing on what's most important doesn't come naturally, it takes time and effort. Experiment with different strategies, make mistakes, try other strategies until you find the ones that suit you.

And you, do you have any tips to simplify your digital life?


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