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Make the time for what you love

Make the time for what you love | A Hint of Rose

Here we are, it's 2016 already... We say the same thing each year but damn, time flies! I can't believe it has been a year since I started this little blog.This blog may not have had the quick growth and success that others have had, but I love it as it is, it allows me to experiment, to make mistakes sometimes, and to go at my own rhythm. And remember, it takes time, to create a diamond!
Anyway, here we are in 2016, and this post is a new chapter in the life of A Hint of Rose.

But let's take a moment to think about 2015. I started the year so motivated to write on this blog. We can call it the "honeymoon period". I didn't like the job I had at this time, so my blog allowed me to express my creativity and my personality. It takes a lot of time to have a blog, and it takes a lot more time to have a YouTube channel. You can't really understand until you have one. I changed my organization system several times, but I haven't found the one that really works for me yet. So after a few months came the fatigue, coupled with the stress of my job. The last summer hasn't been the best summer of my life. But it's Ok, now let's think about the past fall. I left my job at the drugstore, and I instantly felt better and happier. My working environment is now way much more positive and it agrees more with my own values. I also realized that during the past year, I went away from the people (and the things) that I love. Not physically, but mentally. I came home and I didn't want to do anything, I was too tired to cook, too tired to go for a walk, too tired to go to see the horses... In short, I realized that I had to force myself to take the time, to take the time to enjoy life with my boyfriend and to make some time to do what I love.

I didn't wait until January 1st to take some good resolutions. In fact, I think that you don't need a special date to change your life, so I started mine in November.


I decided that I wanted to be a better person, more positive and happy. So I started writing every night, five moments of gratitude. This made me realize how much I am a lucky person, I am fortunate to be born is a safe country, fortunate to have food to eat every day, fortunate to have a job that makes me happy, fortunate to be surrounded by people who loves me. I started this just a month ago and I can already see the difference. I am really impressed by the power of this small gesture. So impressed that I decided to continue and to start writing several "motivations of the day" in the morning, so I can start the day on a positive attitude.


I have never been one to keep a diary. I had a pretty lucky childhood and adolescence. I don't remember having "enemies", I had good grades in school, sincere friends to surround me and apart from some acne problems, I was pretty good in my own skin. I was doing a lot of sports and it was enough to relax my mind. It's only very recently that I discovered the benefits of keeping a journal, yes you heard me, keeping a journal. The goal of this experiment is to write your thoughts and feelings every day so you can see your evolution at the end of the week, month, year. I only write a few words every day, but I can already see that my mood is better and I have more energy in the morning. I cannot wait to see my evolution in a few months!


You might have decided that in 2016 you'll get fit and healthy. I did the same last year and it was a total fail. Yes, I'm not overweight and I don't eat at the fast-food every week, but still I'm not very healthy either, I'm out of breath after just two minutes of running, I can't do two push-ups in a row and my flexibility is not what it used to be. But the difference with last year is that I found the right motivation. I realized that I have to do this for myself, for my health, for my future, the "bikini body" is just a bonus. So this year I have a much more positive mindset and workouts are not a chore anymore.

Internet is also a great motivation because you can find anything on the net. No need to spend fortunes in cookbooks, there are tons oof healthy food blogs (see below my favorites), no need to go to the gym because you YouTube is here to help! And of course, there is Instagram. Instagram is my favorite social media, once you dig a little, you can find a whole community of motivated women who shares their best (and worse) moments. Personally, I don't really like to wake up at 5h30 in the morning, but when I see that at this time, there is dozens of other women that have already done their workout and shared their healthy breakfast, well it motivates me (and I also forget that they are probably not in the same time zone as me...).

Another little trick I have found is to set monthly goals. Yes, I want to exercise more in 2016, but what will I do this month to reach my goal? Well in January, I decided to follow the Bikini Body Guide Challenge six days a week. If I see that it works, then I'll continue it the next month (after qall it's just four weeks), and if it doesn't then it's not a big deal I'll find something else, but I won't give up!


I admit it, I'm a very stressed person in nature. I have always struggled to manage my stress, and I'm still struggling with the bad habit of eating my fingers... Even though I knew to externalized my emotions through sports. As a teen, I was dancing and horse riding, as a student I went to the gym. Unfortunately, my physical activities decreased a lot since I arrived in Quebec. At Uni, my excuse was that I didn't have time, I tried yoga, running, I went to the gym, but I never held more than two months... Once I finished Uni, I had even less motivation because I came home so tired after work. But as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I finally  found the right motivation and I realized that I have to do it for my own health, both physical and mental.
The next step for me is to try meditation. I must admit that the idea of being alone with my own thoughts is quite terrifying, but I am motivated by the challenge!


Because we only need the good and not the bad, it's always a food idea to do some kind of sort out in our lives. You can, for example, sort in your email subscriptions, your Facebook friends or your social medias in general. The idea is that there is no place for the superfluous. Facebook is a good way to connect with people you don't see a lot, but who needs 600 friends?! Same thing with real life, quality is always better than quantity, and personally, I don't want to be surrounded by people who drags me down. I want friends who love me from who I am, who don't judge me, who bring me joy and happiness, who have the same values and who make me grow.

That's it, the end of this long post. As you can imagine, the focus of this blog is about to change a little. Yes, I will continue to talk about beauty and fashion, but I also want to explore new horizons, share healthy recipes, workouts, workout looks and even more. This year is very excting, I hope you'll like it too!

And you, what are your resolutions for 2016?


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