My Favorite Bloggers / Youtubers of the Moment | A Hint of Rose: My Favorite Bloggers / Youtubers of the Moment


My Favorite Bloggers / Youtubers of the Moment

My Favorite Bloggers / Youtubers of the Moment | A Hint of Rose My Favorite Bloggers / Youtubers of the Moment | A Hint of Rose | In this post, I wanted to share with my latest favorites in terms of bloggers and YouTubers. For more info, please click this link :

Internet is such a great source of inspiration! Every day, you can discover something or someone new. I'm going to be honest with you, I'm a bit bored by big bloggers / Youtubers. I find that they end up looking all the same and doing the same things, and the community side of blogging is a bit lost. I totally understand that when you have thousands of comments you cannot answer every single one of them, but it's still sad. So, I  love being on the Web and looking for new sources of inspiration. And today, I wanted to share with you my current favorite bloggers / Youtubers.


I love this girl! I truly love her style and her sense of humor which is slightly dark and cynic. Her blog is so gorgeous, exactly what I like. She mostly does fashion posts, but now she also write a lot of "blogging tips" kind of post. And these posts are sooo helpfull, and when I mean helpfull I mean HELPFULL, with real good tips, that will really help you. She also have a YouTube channel that I love, where she create beauty videos.


Alex is my latest discovery. I love her personnality, she is so happy and positive! Shes is like a sunshine in my day every time I watch one of her video. She recently started to make vlogs too and I love watching her playing with her dog. Her videos are so fun to watch and I also love the way she presents items, every time I end up on the Sephora website, adding more items to my bag....

Sharon is the queen of makeup, in my opinion. I discovered her when I started doing YouTube videos, and I saw a video of her, where she explains how she makes here own videos. I loved this video, so I took a look at her chanel, and I felt in love. I love her style, she is not exuberant, she is a simple girl, with a LOT of talent. She can create an amazing crazy look, but she can also do very usefull video like how to cover up a bruise. 

I hope that I made you discover new girls, if you have anybody to recommend please let me know in the comments below I would love to take a look at their blog / YouTube channel.