A Step into Fall | A Hint of Rose: A Step into Fall


A Step into Fall

A Step into Fall| A Hint of Rose = In this post, I share with you four makeup products that perfectly represents, for me, fall. To read the full post, click on this link : http://www.ahintofrose.com/2015/09/makeup-fall.html

Fall is just around the corner! Yes, Summer is almost over, and the temperatures are already beginning to drop down (sad moment). But Fall is still my favorite season. When I was in France, I preferred Spring because of all the flowers, but here in Quebec, Fall is so beautiful. Trees are changing from green to yellow, red and brown. This only lasts a few weeks but god it’s so beautiful! 
I also like the Fall season because we can wear dark colors again. Say hello to my friends Plum, Burgundy and Brown! So today, I wanted to share with you four products that fully represent, for me, Fall.  


This summer, I was all about that nude vibe, so it was kinda strange when I applied this nail color, but I love it! It’s a Revlon nail polish, in the shade “Bewitching”. I love this nail polish, the color is just perfect for Fall, it’s a burgundy, but not too brown or too red. It lasts very well, and you already know that I’m a fan of Revlon nail polishes, I’m used to their brushes that are, in my opinion, better than Essie’s because it’s broader and more flexible, which makes the application easier and faster. The color is opaque so if you’re in a hurry you can just apply one coat, but if you want a better result you can apply two coats. I love this nail polish and I know that I will wear it a lot this Fall!


I found this cream eye shadow from Flower Beauty when I was at Walmart. You already know my love for the Maybelline Color Tatoo cream eye shadows (you can read more about them here), but I wanted to try something new. I chose the color “Awesome Blossom”, which is a brown with a red undertone, with an iridescent finish. I thought this color would be perfect for Fall and I wasn’t wrong! This color is gorgeous, you can apply a thin layer and the result will be very light, or you can build it up for a more intense result. The texture is very creamy, nothing like the Color Tatoo, but it stays very well, no creasing during the day for me. It was my first Flower Beauty product and I’m very impressed.


This product won’t be a surprise if you follow me on Instagram, this is my well loved Hourglass Ambiant Lighting Blush in the shade “Diffused Heat”. I’m completely in love with this blush, I can’t stop myself from starring at it. The color is an old fuchsia pink, mixed with the “Dim Light” powder. The finish is stunning, it gives you such a nice glow. I’m already looking forward to test other colors of this range.


Finally, I forced myself to choose only one lip product. It was hard, but I did it! And the one I picked up is the Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in the shade “Parisian Passion”. This color is just the perfect lip color for Fall, it’s a beautiful plum, slightly brown, but with a hint of purple, very hard to explain. And the texture is very creamy. It lasts very well, considering that it’s a cream product, and the color is very opaque. It was one of my favorite lipstick last Fall and I’ very excited to wear it again!

And you, what are your favorite products for fall?