How to juggle a blog / YouTube channel and a job | A Hint of Rose: How to juggle a blog / YouTube channel and a job


How to juggle a blog / YouTube channel and a job

How to juggle a blog/YouTube channel and a job | A Hint of Rose How to juggle a blog/YouTube channel and a job | A Hint of Rose

For most people, having a blog or a YouTube channel is often considered as a hobby. Well, blogging is a passion, that’s for sure, but for us bloggers who want to be taken seriously, it’s way more than just a hobby. And try to juggle a blog or a YouTube channel (or both) and a full-time job may become difficult. Especially if, like me, you are a perfectionist and if you always want to give the best of yourself.

During my blogging journey, I read a lot of « blogging tips » kind of posts, and they really helped me to organize myself and to create a blogging routine. So today I decided to share some of those tips with you.


I like being organized, I like to make lists, I like to know what’s coming, what I have to do, and when I have to do it. Some people can work without a notebook, and that’s fine, but honestly if I don’t write everything I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna forget something. So, it’s very important for me to create some kind of work routine for my blog, just to be sure that everything is done on time (especially right now that I decided to post two posts a week (on Wednesday and Friday), and one video on my YouTube channel every Sunday).

The first thing to do is to write down all the tasks you have to do before (and after) a post is published. Then, you can categorize them and organize your agenda.

For example, before I publish a post, I have to:
- Look for inspiration
- Do a little brainstorming session
- Create my calendar
- Prepare the content of the post
- Take all the photos
- Edit them
- Write the post
- Check grammar, spelling and if I put enough keywords in it (I’m talking about SEO my friends!)
- Check all the links

And then, once it's online, I have to:
- Share the post on social medias (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin)
- Respond to all comments

Right now I’m trying something new : every day of the week is dedicated to some tasks (for example, on Saturdays I take all my photos and videos, on Sundays I edit them, on Monday I write posts, etc.). I'm not sure if it's the good system for me, but the main thing is to try and then see what’s best for you!


Social medias can be so helpful, they allow us to promote our blogs, and most important, they allow us to create a relationship with our readers. But sometimes, when you work full time, you don’t have time to check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. In these situations, you can use a scheduling program, I use Hootsuite, so you can schedule your tweets or other social media posts.
Honestly, I still have some troubles managing everything, but I’m working on it, and I think once you get used to all of this it can really help you.


Don’t know you, but when I try to work in the living room, with the TV open, I’m way less productive. And when your time is counted, then being effective becomes very important. You don’t need a lot of things, but personally, having a desk in a separate room allows me to focus more on what I have to do, and I’m way more productive.

You can also decorate you space to really make it your own. Right now, I’m always on Pinterest, looking for ideas to decorate my room. I want it to be stimulating and inspiring, a place where I can really focus on my creativity.


I know, I know, easier said than done. But I think it’s necessary to keep some time for yourself to distress, to be with your friends and family and to enjoy life.

Even if we consider our blog as our little enterprise, we have to remember that it’s the reflexion of our personality, so if we are exhausted and overwhelmed, it may be reflected in your work. So take a cup of tea, go read a book or take a bath and RELAX!

I hope those little tips will help you to be more organized and more effectives with your blogs (and your lives). Obviously it takes time to create your own routine, and sometimes you have to try different methods before finding the right one, but once you’ll find it, everything is going to be so much better and easier!

And you, what are you tips to be more organized?