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My Beauty Essentials

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It has been over a year now since I discovered the wonderfull world of YouTube (I know I was a “little” late). Since then, I’ve been completely obsessed! This made me want to create my own videos, my own art. I was just waiting for the right time (and the right equipment) to film. This has been a long process, but I like challenges and it wouldn’t be fun if it was so easy!

I wanted to create this channel to develop my creativity, to share what I like and I hope, to inspire other women to dare to discover and to feel beautiful in every aspect of their lives.

On this channel, you can expect to see fashion videos, beauty videos, cooking videos and a lot more!


Today, I wanted to share with you my beauty essentials. I hope you’ll enjoy this video as much I enjoyed making it!

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And you, what are you beauty essentials?