The Power of Winged Liner | A Hint of Rose: The Power of Winged Liner


The Power of Winged Liner

The cat eye… there’s nothing more feminine (in my opinion) than a beautiful winged liner, black, delicate, and perfectly retro. When I started to play with makeup, I admit that I made some carnage with my liner. But hey, you have to start somewhere, and with the eyeliner, there’s no secret, you have to PRACTICE!

Nevertheless, it’s quite easy to create a gorgeous cat eye, once you manage to find the right position to be able to control your shaky hands.

1. Apply the base.

For everyday life, I only apply one color on my eyes. In this case, it’s “Power Player” of the Tarte Tartelette palette. I apply it to the entire eyelid and in the crease as well.

2. Define the angle.

The angle of the line will vary depending on several factors: the shape of the eye, the length of the eyebrow, how your eyelid moves, or the effect you want to create.
Personally, I try to imagine a line that would be in continuity with my lower lashes line and would reach the end of my eyebrow.

I like to use an angled brush and a black powder to define the angle. Like that, if I change my mind, it’s easier to erase it.

3. Fill the « triangle ».

Once the angle is determined, with my liner pencil ( I use the Feline Eyeliner HD from Lise Watier), I imagine another line that goes from the tip of my first line to the top of my upper lashes line (if that makes sense...), creating a triangle. Then, you just have to fill in the triangle.

4. Fill in the line.

Most of the work is done now! Now you need to draw a line increasingly fine when you approach the inner corner of your eye.

5. The finishing touch.

Generally, my line is not very well drawn at the first shot. So once the first draft is drawn, I go over until it’s perfect (at least I try).

ET VOILA! Now you have gorgeous eyes, and you’re ready to run the world!