Lip Shades For Everyday | A Hint of Rose: Lip Shades For Everyday


Lip Shades For Everyday

You know how much I love my bright lipsticks. However, there are days when I want something more discreet. Today, I share with you a selection of lipsticks perfect for everyday.

1. The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade « Blushing Nude ».
I already mentioned this lipstick in this post. I often find that nude lipsticks can make you look sick or bland, but with this one it’s not the case at all!

2. The Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in the shade « Rose ».
I bought this lipstick because I loved the texture of “Petunia” that I mentioned in this post. However, I wanted a more neutral pink. This lipstick is super moisturizing and the color is gorgeous!

3. The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade « Pink Sizzle ».  
Another Revlon lipstick, I know, I have a “little” obsession… But, in my opinion, Revlon makes the best drugstore lipsticks so how could I not be obsessed?! In short, “Pink sizzle” may seem intimidating at first, but the color on the tube and the color on the lips are very different. This is a gorgeous pink, almost red, but still transparent (click here to see it in action). The result is very chic, while remaining discreet.

4. The Lise Watier Plumpisimo Lipstick in the shade “Rose Pétale”.
You already know that I am in love with this baby. You can see it in action in this post. A really beautiful pink, not too intense, but still gorgeous, perfect for everyday!

5. The NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip balm.
There are days when you don’t want to put anything on your lips. Natural lips, OK, but still hydrated! I already wrote an entire post about this lip balm. The pot version is on my bedside table, so I bought the tube version to carry it with me literally everywhere!  

What are you favorite lipstick for everyday?