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Worth Reading This Month

February is coming to an end and I think it is time to share with you the five posts that have inspired me the most this month!

Monday Talk: Becoming a Morning Person on Ana Céline Labod. I discovered this blog recently and I love the style of Ana. I’m not naturally a morning person and a few tips to get up on the  right foot never hurt!

A Green Beauty Haul on 9 out of ten. With a degree in environment and sustainable development, I always like to see posts about organic products, with less chemicals bad for your health. Obviously, it’s always difficult to find natural products that are effective and affordable and WengYee has this power to find real treasures. She also has a way of describing products that makes me instantly want to test them! I’m not ashamed to admit that all the products that she mention are in my wish list…

Get Your Chat On : #TwitterChats on Porcelain Beauty. Because the world of internet is still new to me, it’s always good to find really useful posts, and this post is USEFUL! I've always been a little confused with famous Twitter Chats, and now I’m finally on time!

Easy Breezy on Sincerely Jules. One of my latest discoveries, and I must admit I’m a bit jealous of Julie… Her style is just so gorgeous, and her photos are so inspiring! And she travels all around the world, in the most beautiful place, so… yeah… I’m jealous…

Interior Inspo : Travel Maps On The Wall on Chapter Friday. Our house is currently quite «naked » and I’m always looking for new ideas. Right now, I would like to “dress” our walls, and I found this post. The concept of travel map is soo cool! The question is now to find the right map to put on our living room.

What’s been your favorite reading material this month?

XO Marjorie