The Feminine Scent - Flower by Kenzo | A Hint of Rose: The Feminine Scent - Flower by Kenzo


The Feminine Scent - Flower by Kenzo

Today, I want to talk about perfume. The subject is always sensible…each woman has its own preferences, some will like it fruity, others will prefer it floral. Some will want a touch of sexiness, others more discreet fragrances. Everyone is different.

I remember, when I was younger, be more attracted by fruity, fresh, girly perfumes. But now, I can see that my tastes are turning more toward flowery, classic, timeless scents.

Flower by Kenzo, however, has always been in my bathroom…. I remember that my mother received it as a gift for almost every Valentine’s Day. There is something classy and mature in this perfume. When I spray it in the morning, I just feel more confident, more feminine. Basically, it has the same effect as a red lipstick.

“A woman mets a poppy. On the contact, she turns into a fairy. Together, they enchant the city, put a smile on people’s face, make the world more beautiful. Such is the power of this singular, activist, fragile yet strong flower”. This description is soooo poetic, and describes the beauty of women so beautifully I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning it.

And you, what’s your favorite perfume?