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The Simple Pleasures Of Life

 As a newbie in the blogging world, I am always looking for ideas and inspiration to create my content. The question I always ask myself is “What do I like to read?”. There are several types of posts that I like to read. I like to know what’s in everybody’s bag, I love the “routines” and above all, I like the more personal kind of posts. I love when bloggers talk about their lives, what they have learned or done during the week. I love when they share little moments that made their days. So I decided to create a serie of posts called “The simple pleasures of life”, the name is pretty self explanatory…

This week, the weather was particularly warm in Quebec. Finally, we can go outside without having our ears freezing in seconds. This allowed me to walk with Darwin and actually enjoy the moment. When it gets really cold, the only thing you want is that baby does his job as soon as possible, so you can go back to your house. Sooo, it feels good to finally run into the woods and play with my little Darwin. Unfortunately, the next few days may become colder and two storms are announced so I did well to take advantage of this week…

Big highlight of this week, I received my order from Sephora (YAY!). And I am really excited to show you what I got! AND, big bargain at the drugstore where I work, I bought myself a new Revlon lipstick….AGAIN… Also, I decided that the winter blues had to go! So from now on, black, brown, burgundy and other winter colors are not on my face or my nails anymore! I want Spring colors!
The week has been very busy, and I haven’t had much time to rest. I’m still trying to find a harmony between blogging, working full time, and having a life. It’s quite difficult at the beginning but there is hope! J

To finish this post, I just want to say that this new life makes me feel really happy! I am very motivated to get up in the morning, I discover a new world, a new community, and it fills me up with joy! And most of all, my life is not just summed by my job. Yes, I have hobbies, but this blog allows me to express and develop my creativity. This blog allows me to share my ideas, my passions with others, and who knows, maybe inspire some people somewhere in the world!

XO Marjorie