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My favorite bloggers of the moment!

When I created this blog, I discovered a fantastic community, people really creative, supportive, generous, so invested and passionate about what they do. Over the months, I read A LOT of posts, and I watched A LOT of YouTube videos, and I think it is so important to SPREAD THE LOVE! So, today I would like to share with you some of my current favorite bloggers (in no particular order). For each blog, I quoted a few posts that I particularly liked. 

- Bloomin’ Rouge : Holly’s blog is gorgeous! I completely fell in love with her spontaneity and her sense of humor.  Her blog is so beautiful and she still takes time to respond to emails and comments. Her posts are always very interesting and I love the way she takes photographs. In short, it is my favorite blog right now!

Source : Bloomin' Rouge
 Here are some of my favorite posts :  

- Life, Set, Sail : This blog is a recent discovery for me and I instantly fell in love with Brittany’s writing style. Her posts on blog design are my favorite. The saved my life more than once when I created the design of “A Touch Of Pink”. And what can I say about her photos?! They are just stunning!

Source : Life, Set, Sail

- GhOstparties : I love Kate’s posts, they are honest, refreshing, with a lot of personality! My favorite ones are those lifestyle related.

Source : GhOstparties

- I Covet Thee : Another recent discovery! Alix’s makeup looks are just gorgeous! I would like to achieve similar results when I am in front of my mirror. I am also a big fan of her YouTube channel.

Source : I Covet Thee

- Wish Wish Wish : What I like the most about Carrie’s blog is her looks and the way she glamourize them through “fashion diaries”. She really compete with women’s magazines photographers!

Source: Wish Wish Wish

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