How to survive the colder months? | A Hint of Rose: How to survive the colder months?


How to survive the colder months?

I can’t believe that I moved from France to Canada already two years (and three winters) ago! However, I still have a lot of trouble getting use to the very (very) cold temperatures and the nightfall at 4 pm! In this post, I just want to share with you the little things that allow me to survive the Canadian winter and even appreciate it!

First of all, I think that for the evening (or any time of the day…), a large soft plaid is required if you want to stay in a warm and comfortable environment. The last plaid I bought is sooo smooth! I would spend hours wrapped in it, just to caress it…. And to make the atmosphere even cozier, I love to light a scented candle. I love to see the shadow of the flame flicker, it is mesmerizing and so comforting! And it makes the house smell so divine!

Because this year I decided to read more books and watch less TV, I added a good book to my list. Obviously, a DVD would make the job too. The main thing is to C-H-I-L-L O-U-T! If you need any ideas, take a look at this post. Currently, I am reading the last volume of the Divergence serie of Veronica Roth.

Who says winter says runny nose… No matter how many layers of sweaters and scarves I have on, I will always snivel after going out, even for just a moment… Sooo, from November to March, my new best-friend’s name is “tissue box”! Since I work in constant contact with people, “hand sanitizer” is never far away…

In winter, I will say that there are two kinds of drinks that I like. In the morning, to wake me up, I like a big glass of smoothie with fruits for vitamins and soy milk for protein. A smoothie gives me the energy to start my day on the right foot. In the evening, I prefer something warm and comforting, like a tea or a hot chocolate (with marshmallows…).

I don’t know about you, but winter tends to dry every inch of my skin, nothing escapes it! I have one only solution: HYDRATATION, HYDRATATION, HYDRATATION! And not any kind of hydratation, nothing beats a good creamy balm, thick and super moisturizing, for hands, body, lips, everywhere!

For days when the sun doesn’t want to show off, I like putting a bright lipstick. Red, pink, orange, whatever, as long as it adds colour to our face, our life, the lives of our coworkers and of all the people you will meet.

On the dressing side, the classics are in order: an old sweater and a pair of warm socks allow me to stay warm while remaining comfortable. Obviously, we can’t always stay locked inside, watching the snow falling, sometimes you have to walk the dog, do the grocery shopping, or walk to go to work. In those situations, you “slightly” become the next Michelin man (or Bibendum as you want)… And it is alright! ;)

I don’t know how it is where you live, but here in Quebec, winter lasts five months, and often more! Sometimes it is good to stay in bed, wrapped in a blanket, but everything is good with moderation. Go outside, enjoy the snow and the white landscape! I think once we tamed it, winter can be a wonderful season (when could we take so beautiful pictures otherwise?)!

And you, what are you little tricks that allow you to keep your good mood in the winter?

XO Marjorie